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Silk King of Thailand Web

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<<March 2017>>

The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, "The Silk King of Thailand"

Thursday, March 30
6:30 PM

When Jim Thompson vanished 50 years ago, he was the best-known American in Thailand. Rumors still swirl around his disappearance. Thompson had set up the Bangkok OSS office and later served as a CIA asset in Thailand, but it was his beautiful Thai silk that made him famous. He revitalized the industry, amassed a huge art collection, and built a magnificent house from traditional Thai homes to showcase his precious objects. So what could have happened in March of 1967, when he went for a short walk in the high jungles of Malaysia? Why were the CIA , DoS, US Army, and FBI involved in the massive search? Join Dr. Llewellyn Toulmin, the co-founder of Missing Aircraft Search Team, as he analyzes the case from a scientific search and rescue point of view, discusses Thompson's CIA connections, and suggests a solution to this 50-year-old famous mystery.

Co-sponsored by The Textile Museum

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