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Valentine's Day Spy Web
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<<February 2018>>

Lips, Locks, and Body Language: Valentine's Day Spy Style

Wednesday, February 14
6:00 PM

You may be in love with the shape of your partner but do you know what their body is saying to you? This Valentine's Day deceptive analysis expert Lena Sisco wants to help you become fluent in body language. She will reveal how to spot hidden emotions in facial expressions and how to tell if someone's body language is open or closed, and why it's important to read. She'll tell you about the body's three power zones…for romance you might want to pay particular attention to one of these. Also she can show you the best way to convey that you're interested, not interested or really, really interested. Sisco is a former military intelligence officer and interrogator and author of You're Lying! She'll help you take control of a suggestive situation, even if it means interrogating the one you love or want to love! Before the talk begins at 7, enjoy a complimentary cocktail, sweet treats, have your lip print analyzed, and pick up a few basic lock picking skills that can come in handy for handcuffs!

Adult material - 18 and older strictly enforced. Ticket includes cocktail and sweet treats.

Tickets: $35
Members of The Inner Circle: $25
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